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Our Cause

Working towards a world without MND. 

Our Mission
To provide and promote the best possible care and support for people living with MND. 

The objectives of MND Victoria are:

  • To provide the best possible care and support for people living with MND.
  • To collect and share the best available advice on living with MND.
  • To create and foster links between people living with MND by providing opportunities for interaction.
  • To raise awareness of MND and the needs it creates.
  • To develop and maintain relations with MND Associations within Australia and overseas.
  • To foster and maintain links that help us achieve our mission.
  • To encourage and support research initiatives and disseminate knowledge of research progress.
  • To achieve our mission through innovation and influence.

MND Victoria came into existence on October 13, 1981 at a meeting attended by a small group of people with MND and their families, staff of health and welfare groups and other concerned people. 

In the last financial year, MND Victoria delivered care and support services to 597 Victorians living with MND.  These services included 8,200 individual contacts with people with MND, as well as delivery of 2,875 pieces of assistive technology devices to 392 clients.  During the year, 209 new clients registered with the Association.   

We have been told by many of our clients that "without MND Victoria we don't think we could have coped". Just recently the mother of one of our clients said that "thanks to the wheelchairs provided by the MND Victoria we can go out as a family and know that our son is safe.  We have control over where we take him".  Having access to all the equipment needed throughout the disease progression, at no cost to the person with MND, means that they can maintain as "normal"  a life as possible, for as long as possible and this is so important with this disease.  

For over 20 years the Association has also been supporting the best of the best Australian researchers in the bid to find the cause, treatment and potential cure.